LMSK small

~ for various hunting breeds with the skill of tracking wounded game

If coming from abroad, please check and follow actual Covid-19 quarantine regulations!

Location: Ķekavas district
Start: at 11:00
Registration: at 10:45
Judges: J.Štrekkere, V.Jurgone

Entry fees:

  • LMSK club members EUR 30,00 per dog
  • Other FCI club members EUR 35,00 per dog
  • Foreign participants EUR 40,00 per dog

Membership checks - by prior appointment till 06.04.2022. Only with guarantee letter!

Please send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the following documents:

  1. copy of pedigree
  2. the completed application form
  3. guarantee letter

Information and how to apply by phone. +371 29272444!

Places are limited!



1. Bavarian mountain hound AMBER HOPE GUDVIN, own. K. Vītols -  I degree, 92 points
2. Bavarian mountain hound JORDAN KRALOVA HOLA, own. M. Pavars - II degree, 82 points
3. Russian spaniel BARON CEZDEBOYAR, own. J. Jasons - II degree, 82 points
4. Bavarian mountain hound DARGO ASCHENSONNE, own. A. Čukna - II degree, 79 points
5. Bavarian mountain hound PIONERY RIAI HAULA, own. A. Popens - II degree, 72 points
6. Bavarian mountain hound PUMA POSOKOWCE Z NIEBIESKICH ZRODE, own. J. Grīnbergs - II degree, 72 points
7. Bavarian mountain hound FRODO VAIVARU DZIŅAS, own. M. Vaivars - II degree, 71 points
8. Bavarian mountain hounds ODRA VATRONA, own. J. Līkans - III degree, 65 points
9. Bavarian mountain hounds CAIRO SILVA ADAMANTE, own. I. Vektere - III degree, 63 points
10.Bavarian mountain hound BRILIANT REMINGTON, own. I. Maršais - III degree, 63 points